Visit Romania - The 36 Most Beautiful Travel Spots In Romania Another best places to visit in Romania 👉 A land of many genuine treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Romania is a country full of history. The culture, iconic landmarks and beautiful landscapes make it a fantastic travel destination from Romania. Travel with us and discover Romania!

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The places are shown in the film:

  1. The Macin Mountains National Park's From Dobrogea - Oldest Mountains in Romania
  2. Rasnov - Is Located In the Touristic County Brasov
  3. Rasnov - The Medieval Citadel - It Is a Historic Monument and Landmark in Romania
  4. Peles Castle - Is a Neo-Renaissance Castle In the Carpathian Mountains - Sinaia, Prahova Valley
  5. Brasov Town - The Most Beautiful Town In Romania
  6. Prejmer Citadel - Not Too Far From Brasov City
  7. Fagaras Mountains
  8. Sun Valley, Sinaia - Bucegi Mountains
  9. Historic Centre of Sighisoara - Unesco World Heritage 10.Transfagarasan Highway - World's Best Road Trip According To Top Gear
  10. Balea Lake - Is a Glacier Lake With Clear, Icy Water
  11. Paltinis Mountain Resort - Arena Platos Paltinis
  12. Vartop Ski Slope - Is Located In The Heart Of Apuseni Mountains - Land of Tara Motilor
  13. Scarisoara Ice Cave - The Biggest Underground Glacier In Romania - A Natural Monument of Natural Apuseni Park
  14. The Gate Of The Kiss - The Sculptural Ensemble Of Constantin Brancusi At Targu Jiu 16.Bigar Waterfall - The Miracle from The Minis Canyon
  15. Meziad Cave - South-Eastern Extremity Of Padurea Craiului Mountains
  16. The Colossal Head Of Decebalus King Of The Dacians - Is Located Near The Town Of Orsova
  17. Turda Salt Mine - Top 10 Places To See in Transylvania
  18. Borsa Maramures - The Best Land To Visit
  19. Pietroasa Monastery - Borsa - The Hermitage Dedicated To St. Jhon The Baptist
  20. Barsana Monastery - Landmark Of Maramures
  21. Visit Maramures - The Best And Most Authentic Experience
  22. Hermitage Straja - Discover The Tunnel Of 365 Saints
  23. Corvin Castle - The Most Spectacular Gothic Style Castle In Romania 26.The Prislop Monastery - Arsenie Boca - Where the Miracles Really Happen
  24. Ciucas Mountains - The Ciucas massif Is A Part Of Curvature Carpathians
  25. The Apuseni Mountains - Also Known At Tara Motilor
  26. Bran Castle - Visit The Dracula's Castle From Transylvania
  27. Danube Delta Highlights - A Unesco Natural World Heritage Site
  28. Port Of Sf. Gheorghe - Where The Danube Meets The Black Sea
  29. Danube Delta - Sf. Gheorghe - Small Town - Green Village Resort
  30. Danube Delta - Sachalin Zatoane
  31. Danube Delta - Sf. Gheorghe - Wild Beach - Where The Danube Meets The Black Sea
  32. Danube Delta - Sulina Town
  33. Enisala Medieval Fortress - The Genovese Legacy from The Black Sea

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Posted on Feb 23, 2020